We are proud to be a 360 digital marketing agency that caters to our creators and their every need. We believe in repeat deals and long term contracts where content can be repurposed. We believe in aesthetic content that tells a story and keeps an audience invested and engaged.

    • Personalized OOO emailĀ 
    • Dedicated agent handing inbound emails
    • Dedicated agent sending pitch emails
    • Access to brand database for PR packagesĀ 
    • Access to media event invitations


    Let's help you grow. We celebrate our talent daily and believe in everyone we represent. Every quarter we shoot a creative digital lookbook, styled and directed by our talents, where we highlight their brand deals. When joining OOO, you will get access to our brand database for PR packages, event invitations and more.

    • Bi weekly strategy calls
    • Strategic monthly calendars
    • Creator capsule collections
    • Creator modelling campaigns
    • Gifted and paid brand trips
    • Full accounts payable department for all invoicing
    • Modelling: Eden x Cider Global Campaign

    • Brand Trip: Mel x Sandals Resorts

    • Brand Trip: Miles x Ugg in Iceland

    • Brand Trip: Sophia x Adidas at Coachella

    • Brand Trip: Lisa x Air Transat in Mexico

    • Capsule Collection: May x En Route Jewelry

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